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First Live Testing of bullet proof vest

When Colonel Ajay was asked by an Israel General, why? volunteering for it ??? just before the Live testing of bullet proof vest on a human being – Colonel Ajay Ahlawat replied ” ” because no one else would”.

Some very embrassing comments from across our fields and buddies….

Ally`s unkempt hair his angelic smile and his terrifying courage- he shakes the fiesta brava to its foundations. His raw untutored style his almost contemptuous courage provokes every emotion but indifference. He is the best Polo & Warriors, have ever seen. His planning of ambushes are legends spoken & taught across the world. Case studies. !!!

“As an entrepreneur and a civilian, Ally was the antidote to fear & trepidation. It was as if he’d become so acquainted with trouble, smear tactics & blackmail that he could sit in its lap & ask it to tell him bedtime stories.” 

His belief and confidence of having Hanuman as his friend who’s always by his side seems absolutely real cause otherwise no one can be so rash and risk taker and always come out without a scratch.

What you have achieved, executed & continue to do requires not just bravery, strength & contacts, It requires absolute Madness!!! You walk the razors edge. Wish you god speed. You are special. You are legendary. Not another one like you. Just crazy lucky. Dont have an explanation for all that you do and continue to do. You do have your Hanuman’s blessings in real. No other explanation…..

Ally a cat they say has nine lives, I know for a fact that u have had 109, cause that many you have lived and survived………it’s unbelievable and miracle. Stay blessed.

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