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Best is a Matter of Standards…

Best is a matter of standards. And I set my own standards. I inherit nothing. I stand at the end of no traditions I may perhaps stand at the beginning of one. Ally.

I share a confidential test – the first & most important LIVE human bullet proof vest tests on Colonel Ajay Ahlawat. 16th & 61st Cavalry. Indian Army.

When Colonel was asked by the generals in Italy before the test as to why??? did he volenteer to take such a huge risk, he simply replied ” because noone else would”.

He said his students,boys, soldiers, warriors were dying each day for lack of good proven tested vests. So he volunteered to do it himself so that the real, true effects & saftey of the bullet proof vest could be truly tested, these live tests carried out in Israiel & Italy on Colonel Ajay.

I25 bullets from 12 different types/make of weapons ranging from pistols, revolvers, small arms to medium weapons of different Calibre were used.

Thanks to that one step – it changed the parameters in the world as to how bullet proof and such saftey eqpt was bought or sold across the world. The huge claims of the selling giant companies did not matter any more. New standards were set. Each company had to walk their talk and prove their claims.

The real effects & saftey of the vests could be proven, as the effects could be experienced and spoken about and analysised by a soldier’s own experience and improvements put into place.
Thousands of soldier’s, warriors are saved each day since 2008 just in India & across the world. No soldier dies in india for false claims of a giant military weapons and eqpt manufacturing company any more.

Real live bullet proof test carried out on Colonel Ajay Ahlawat in 2008.

Since then it’s become complusory for these multi billion international companies to carry out these test worldwide before claiming their claims. Soldiers and warriors don’t have to die each day to prove that their saftey claims were false.
The norm is if the company claims that its bullet proof of a particular grade, then test it in real & prove it.

This particular path breaking test was done with colonel wearing his Italian scientiests friends invented vest – Coffi cosimo from Italy.

As narrated by Colonel Ajay Ahlawat…..
“We soldiers-who r rewarded. For killing, also find it difficult to kill in cold blood, especially in close combat. Looking other person in the eye, with a full awareness of his humanity, & then pulling the trigger and blowing them away is an intense traumatic experience leave aside cutting the throat open and feel the gush of warm blood. I have trained young local & foreign soldiers for close combat in over 10 countries. The immense destructive power lies in the fact that convincing excludes victims from the universe of moral obligation. So killing them is of no greater consequence than swatting a mosquito or poisoning a rat. that is what i need to convince them for. Young soldiers sometimes vomit, weep become incontinent, or tremble uncontrollably after their first kill. It’s clear that human beings have a horror of killing as well as a fatal attraction to it. Our inhibitions keep the violent side in check, but when the balance between them is upset, the results can be devastating. I get random calls even after 20 yrs now seeking solace & support.

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat. Veteran.
16th & 61st Cavalry,
Indian Army.

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